Securing Your Tagged Account with SMS

Here at Tagged, we’re highly committed to user privacy and safety. Tagged has always taken considerable steps, including automated techniques and manual review, to make our users’ accounts safer. This week, we’re launching a new feature called Login Approvals to provide an extra layer of security.

Login Approvals relies on an easy approach known as two-factor authentication (as discussed in our recent Hackathon post). The idea is simple: if our system identifies an attempt to access your account from an unfamiliar source, we’ll ask for a code sent via SMS to your registered mobile phone, in addition to your password, to confirm your identity.

To set up this feature, just click on the ‘Account’ link at the top of your Tagged page, then scroll down and click on ‘Settings’. You can register your phone number in the ‘Login Approvals’ section. (Complete instructions are available here.) We’ll take care of the rest!

Secure your Tagged account via SMS

Login Approvals provides an additional step to give you greater choice in privacy and security. With the ability to select who can view your profile, who can contact you, who can search for and find you, and the ability to block other users, Tagged keeps you in control of what information is available and who can see it.

We encourage you to take a moment to explore the Privacy tab on your Account Settings page to make sure your current settings are up-to-date.

We’re always looking for opportunities to make our site even more secure and you can look forward to additional advanced security features coming soon from Tagged!