Survey Says: Online Flirting is the New Norm

Socially acceptable and just plain fun, online flirting is MUCH more mainstream than you think. Online flirting has never been easier with new mobile apps, real-time location services and enhanced features on social networking sites to help show off your best attributes.

In a recent survey conducted by Tagged, flirting is considered fun or harmless by more than one-third of respondents, with another 30% weighing in that ”it lets the other person know I’m interested in them.”

Want to know where most of this flirting takes place? It’s not on email, Twitter or even chat rooms… Social networking sites like Tagged grab more than 95% of the market for online flirting, where being ”you” is the best way to initiate a flirt.

Other key findings from the survey include:

  • 32.4% describe online flirting as ”fun or harmless” and 30.1% find it ”lets the other person know I’m interested in them”
  • 62.1% say they don’t have a style of flirting online; ”I just try to be myself”
  • A whopping 95.8% say they most often meet people online via a social network versus chat rooms, Twitter or email
  • 31.5% say they have met between 1-10 people online for flirting, and 20.8% have met over 100 people
  • 51.1% think you need to get to know someone online for a month before meeting in person for dating
  • 64.3% have met 1 to 10 people offline after meeting online
  • 74.2% think there is no difference between on and offline dating standards; ”I like what I like”
  • 75.6% feel introducing someone they met online to friends and family is ”the same as offline or actually cool they met online”
  • When flirting online, participants ranked profile picture as being the no.1 important component, followed by location, interests and friends in common
  • 53.5% are most likely to share their headshot (over a sexy pose or other type of image) when flirting online
With these new insights into the dynamics of the dating world, it’s no wonder so many people find online flirting to be the new norm!