Tagged Goes to DerbyCon

There are many security conferences that take place throughout the year, and while we look forward to the established events like DefCon and ShmooCon, there is something unique about DerbyCon. Only in its second year, DerbyCon drew a crowd of over 1500 this September, and managed to foster and maintain a strong sense of community, making this conference feel like a reunion of good friends.

When people outside the security industry think about the term ”hackers,” they usually think ”criminal, ” though this perception is very far from reality. A hacker is someone who simply thinks outside of the box when trying to solve a problem or discover how something works. For example, Hackers for Charity is an organization started by Johnny Long to feed and educate the planet’s most vulnerable citizens, and DerbyCon, despite it’s size and infancy, has raised over $30,000 this year alone to help them in their mission. (While at DerbyCon, I was privileged to volunteer on the Red Shirt Team, which was responsible for the physical security at the conference, and I can personally vouch for the fact that DerbyCon attendees really negate the false stereotype of a ”hacker.”)

The speakers this year were top notch and extremely approachable during ”LobbyCon” – the phenomenon of hallway conversations literally happening ”in the lobby of conferences” that spark debate and get people talking about the important issues face-to-face. DerbyCon facilitates this ”LobbyCon” social scene better than any other conference, keeping its participants engaged with each other and excited about DerbyCon.

Security team member Misha at the Tagged booth


Thank you to the whole DerbyCon team for making this conference so compelling and unforgettable – we can’t wait for DerbyCon 2013!

Check out photos from the event on Flickr.