Tagged Talks Open Innovation @ Oracle OpenWorld

Open innovation, disruptive technologies and big data – these were the key points that Oracle Vice President of Emerging Markets Dain Cilley sought perspective on when he invited our co-founder and CTO Johann Schleier-Smith to join him on stage at Oracle OpenWorld 2012.

As part of Oracle’s global event in San Francisco, the Executive Edge conference was especially designed for technology executives to share business strategies and solutions. At the Chief Information Officer Summit, hundreds of ”Big IT” technology executives listened as Johann talked about how Tagged manages, scales and responds to our customers on one of the world’s largest social networks.

Joining Johann and Dain in their discussion was Ian Hersey, CTO of social analytics firm Attensity. The trio had a lively discussion on how social media is opening new and exciting opportunities to drive innovation faster and better for companies to serve their customers and enter new markets. With this opportunity also come the challenges of managing and making sense of all the data points and then acting on them to drive innovation.

When asked about how Tagged views innovation, Johann put it succinctly, ”Innovation is an imperative at Tagged”. He added, ”One of our core values at Tagged is ‘Think Big’. So we don’t just ask how are people doing things on our site, but also how should things be done? How will it be done? Plus we need to understand how it all translates into the mobile environment today and all the ways our customers will access us in the future.”

Oracle OpenWorld offered a terrific stage for Johann to share Tagged’s vision and approach to ”Thinking Big” with big data and innovating quickly to maintain Tagged’s momentum in the social discovery frontier.

Dain Cilley, Ian Hersey and Johann Schleier-Smith on "Creating the Wave of Disruptive Innovation"