What’s New? Tagged’s News Feed!

We’ve made it even easier to stay connected to your friends and discover new people to meet with our ‘What’s New?’ Feed. With this new feature, members can now see a constantly updated list of activities from friends and other Tagged users on their Home page.

You can organize this feed by clicking on the ‘Me’, ‘Friends’ or ‘Everyone’ tab underneath the ‘What’s New?’ status box. When you click on the ‘Me’ tab, you can view all your past comments and items that you have ‘liked’ or commented. Filtering by the ‘Friends’ tab allows you to follow an updated list of all your friends’ stories. To check out other Tagged members, click on the ‘Everyone’ tab and use the filters to access a list of potential new friends.

This new feature follows your Account’s Privacy Settings, so only users who in your selected Contact Privacy group can comment or like your updates and view them in the ‘Everyone’ tab. If another user has permission to view your full profile, they will be able to view your ‘What’s New’ updates, but will still be bound by the previous Contact Privacy rules. If you do not want any of your updates to be published in the ‘What’s New?’ feed, you can also edit your ‘What’s New’ settings in the Privacy Settings on your Account page. You can also remove any item that you post by hovering over it and clicking the ‘x’ in the top right corner on either the ‘Me’ tab or the ‘What’s New’ module on your Profile.

What's New - Everyone tab

If your Profile Viewers do not appear on Home, you can still access them by clicking on the alert or navigating to the ‘Friends’ page and clicking on the ‘My Viewers’ tab. ‘Top 8’ has been completely disabled but may be replaced with similar self-promotional features in the future.

We’re excited about this new feature and the opportunities it presents. It’s a different way of finding new people to meet and keeping up-to-date with your friends’ lives.