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Within days, I was already addicted to this site…so addicted, that I had to cancel my accounts on some other social networks because I didn’t have time to manage them. I never thought that I could actually be friends with someone I never met in real life. Thank you very much Tagged for existing :)

- Yo_anna


I’ve learned so much about many different cultures through Tagged. This website is a window of creative information that opens a world of wonder for a small town girl like me. I would recommend the site to anyone, and I’m so glad I took the time to make a profile.

- evil_ninja_strikes_again


The aspect of making friends and socializing really gripped me to the site, I stayed online for hours. Tagged connects me to a lot of things I wouldn’t find anywhere else.

- Hyperlogic


I joined Tagged in 2009 as everyone at work was talking about how much fun it was. I browsed the profiles and noticed a woman from Arizona. She accepted my friend request and it’s like we have known each other all our lives

- HarleyLover CJ


I had recently stopped dating when I talked to Michael on Tagged. We wouldn’t have met if our friends had not suggested Tagged to us. Thank you so much for having this website to meet friends. I met the love that I have wanted all my life — on Tagged.

- Francie Mathes


Thanks to Tagged, I have a new best friend. Thanks to Tagged, I think I have found my future wife.

- Igomeme Joseph


In 2009, I received an email inviting me to join I thought, “Why not?” Within one week of having an account, I received a friend request and message from a man with a great sense of humor.

- Cynthia Parker